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The page of Matryoshka Art Museum in Moscow.

Update done September 20, 2005

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What is an exclusive nesting doll?

This site is dedicated to exclusive Matryoshka. This is perhaps the only site on the Web which is going to publish photos and information concerning only Matryoshka made by professional artists. What is the difference between the artist-made Matryoshka and thousands of those "pretty girls with Samovars" which smile us in Arbat street and Izmailovo park markets?
To give you some comparison, they differ from one another like collectable porcelain dolls from any product of "Ogoniok" trade-mark toys ("Ogonyok" is the toy factory in Moscow).
In Russia today, many artists as well as a number of skilled craftsmen make identical. There are some gifted artists who work as hard at creating matryoshka as at any other "solid" work of art. Most of the exclusive Matryoshka artists are successful painters or graphic-artists educated by the best Russian Art-Schools.
Some of these artists began to make matryoshka many years ago in their youth. But even in that small craft they couldn't be false. Dolls made by them became real paintings on wood and now appear in famous local galleries alongside pictures and sculptures. Some authors have a queue of customers now waiting for their lovely one-of-a-kind Matryoshka. Such customers know that in buying these dolls they acquire not only a well-known Russian souvenir but the creation of a gifted artist - also the story told step by step, from the "elder" doll to the smallest.
Artists often say that the special form and structure of the Matryoshka Doll is the symbol of personality and the projection of Space to a soul. Its "simple-looking" form encourages an artist to tell the story of Motherhood, Love, or well-known fairy tales. Some artists turn to such serious topics as World History or Bible Stories. This site will soon give information on new artists and images. Most of the Matryoshka shown here are already sold but our artists welcome commissions. Each piece will vary slightly in execution but artists can work closely with you to reflect your wishes concerning the style and the subject.
As to the sale of Matryoshka, we have to inform our potential customers that the most share of works you can see here are already sold, sorry. Usually our artists work by orders. It is impossible to make an exact copy of the work you like, but the author is able to follow your wishes concerning the style and the subject.
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